Common Smell Points in Your Home – How to Get Rid of it?

Seeing your house clean and smelling it clean are two entirely different things. So if you experience some unknown bad smell coming out of your apparently clean home, here’re a few major points you need to check.

When you enter your home, seeing a clean space is good. But do you smell a clean space? If so, that’s the real sign your home is clean. When you walk into your house and experience a bad smell, it’s an indication that something is not right. Well, you may be so much used to the smell that you might ignore it, but you’ve got to do something about it. So the experts have tried to point to a few common household smells and shared ways to fix them. So let’s dive in;

The Front Closet

When it comes to cold or wet weather gear, people often put it in the closet when it still has moisture in it. Because that moisture coupled with the dark, warm environment of your closet, it will foster mold & mildew growth. It’s something you need to avoid not only due to its bad odor, but also your items will stink when you put them back on.

So if you come home and you have something that’s damp, ensure that you hang it to dry before hanging it into your closet. And don’t forget to check out the smelly shoes as well. You can tackle that by simply putting in the baking soda sachets and keep it beside your front door.

The Pantry

The cupboards and pantries in your kitchen are the places that hold all the dry items specifically the ones that continue to grow and even decompose in the cupboard. In case you keep things like squash potatoes, onions and garlic in a cool dark cabinet, that’s the right thing to do, but at the same time, there’s still going to grow fungus and start to decompose. Consequently, they can smell really bad.

So in that case, you need to air out space and sprinkle some baking soda in the area. Or if convenient, you can also leave a box or a bowl there overnight so that it can take care of the bad odor.

Walk-in Closet

In a small enclosed space – If one thing smells, everything starts to smell. Do you know why? Because there’s very little airflow going on in here. So you need to be very careful about what exactly you’re keeping into your closet. Because anything that’s in there, it’s is going to affect the smell of all your other clothing. And if you want your clean clothes to smell good, do not keep your dirty clothes or dirty garments in the same space.

These useful tips have been suggested by the cleaning experts in the reputable Dubai cleaning companies. So stick to these to get rid of those bad odors.


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