How to Develop a Whatsapp Like communication app?

A decade before, all the text messages were sent through the mobile SMS packs, which has character limits, hassles in delivering the message, network problems, and complex issues in keep tracking and recording the old messages history. Extra charges were imposed for additional SMS when customers are exceeding the limits. People used those services for their daily communication needs and they are so avid to get a free messaging service to tackle all these troubles. At this period of time, free messaging mobile applications were born as a key resolution to careen the traditional SMS services.

Transformation of traditional SMS to app messaging

Many apps like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger were launched and it gained a big attention from the worldwide smartphone users. But after a certain period of usage of the messaging app, it transformed a lot with its new extensive features. It was born as a person to person messaging app, but soon with the fleeting time, it switched itself to a multi-content sharing destination for the users, where everyone is sharing interesting articles, videos, music, trending news, gif files etc. It became a primary destination to get a huge social interaction with the overall audience irrespective of the location. Messaging apps have turned out to an ideal spot for personalized information sharing. All the newsfeeds are so informative and the user has high chances to get a direct response for the shared content rather than waiting for the response of comments and tweets.

Nowadays everyone has a necessity to clasp the smartphone to fulfill their daily tasks. These messaging apps are not only a tool to stay connected with the friends and colleagues but it serves as an effective option for several organizations and companies to streamline their communication with their employees and customers. You can hire a proficient mobile app developer to build your own chatting app with multiple features.

Distinctive Features that Must Present in a Chat App Development Process

To develop a successful chat app the features that are going to be incorporated in the app should be analyzed first. These features only can add more value to the quality of the app. Some chat apps are delivered to customers in a low-cost subscription package but most of the apps are free of cost. To run in this free apps competition, the developing chat app should be unique by providing extra value to the customer needs. Some of those features are following,

Instant Messaging

Yes, this is the basic feature that every chat must possess. The app should be capable enough to communicate end to end user messages in a jiffy. All the message history should be stored in the cloud system, in which the customers are able to take back up their message history during reinstallation of the app. Even offline, the chat app should be able to receive all the messages and all the messages should be viewed as notifications when they go back online. Other than interrupted networking connections, seamless messaging can only provide the best user experience to the app users. Other additional features such as group chat, multiple forward options, emojis, and stickers can be included to make the app more quirky one.

Effective Connectivity with Zero Hitches

Real-time connectivity is a must needed one for the smartphone chat apps, which can only provide users a best messaging experience like a direct face to face conversation. Otherwise delays in the messaging always directly affect the user experience. So the app should be developed accurately enough to provide prompt services.

Multimedia Sharing and Security

Another needed thing in the app is sharing multimedia. Chats apps are now the prime destination of media sharing for all the users and so the app should be capable to share various types of multimedia such as images, video, audio, location, document files, contacts, and even payments also included nowadays. This feature can be delivered efficiently by adding sync to the cloud services to save all the multimedia data in the cloud storage. This can also help in seamless media sharing between the users without any technical snags.

Being with a huge open end app among multiple users, to safeguard the app with security is a significant thing that can ensure the privacy of the user. So as long as the app gets its higher reach among the audience and a huge number of downloads, ensuring security for all the users become a complex thing and the developing authority should be capable enough to invest and stay updated with the latest security features for the app.

Voice and Video Calling

A number of chat app launches got a huge number and thus every app is becoming a rudimentary one for all the users. To stay ahead in the competition, some of the chat app owners decided to provide a feature that should careen the entire previous versions and to deliver an endless interaction between the users on any time. That is, Voice and video calling feature. Chatting apps takes away Skype’s video calling feature. This makes the chat apps even more quirky than before and made the app to be a more interactive and improved the users’ communication.

Above said features is the rudimentary one which should be included in every chat app development process, and to make an app like Whatsapp, various methodologies and features are there to grab a pinnacle in the list of competitive chatting apps. The developed app should provide the best real-time social integration among users.

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