If you are a business owner and have a tremendous willingness to take care of your employees, then I would commend you for that. To get outside of the cliché idea that a boss must be cruel, and demanding takes a great courage and wisdom. If you are thinking of something that may help you maintain your employee’s compelling performance at work, then you must follow these simple yet beneficial tips. Try the following and you wouldn’t see yourself more satisfied than before.


If your employee did a great job on his/her task, then don’t control your tongue by saying “Good job!” or “Keep it up!”. These words and any other word that may express your appreciation towards your employee’s work really mean to them a lot. And if you often show appreciation towards their job well done, you would see that they’re improving from time to time. Always put yourself in their shoes, on how does it feel that your boss recognizes your good work and how it feels that your work is being valued.


If you want your employees to maintain or to uphold their excellent work performance, then as for HR Support. Why? Because they can sustain your needs when it comes to consistently holding training and development programs for your employees. Also, they know the tricks and techniques for the training to be operative and more beneficial for the employees. Keep in mind, that whatever activities your company would provide, be there – participate, motivate, elevate your relationship with your workforce.



Does this thought torture your being or you’re very well-engaged to be one? If you are, then that’s an excellent choice.  In the business world, there are many bosses who act like lions and superior over others, well, you must be different. Be different in a way, that you are more into building a better connection with your staffs or employees. Always be nice and smile so they would feel that you’re not someone to be afraid of. Attend to company parties or gatherings, talk to them as their leader no their boss -you must know the difference between the two.


Come to think of it, if you are an employee to your company, would you be happy and satisfied with the treatment you’re getting? Are you willing to pursue your career in there? Always think of the feeling their feelings towards how the company and how to treat them. You must make them feel valued and safe in your company’s premises. If you are a type of a boss who makes your employees feel less of a person they are, then you must quit venturing into the industry. Don’t create hate in your employees, appreciate who they and how they work. Keep in mind, that your company would be like a boneless person without them to help you run and work for everything.


You’re the one who knows best about the status of your company in the business industry. You know how much profit you get annually, and how much money your company is earning from time to time. If you see your company if you’re aware that your company is having a good run in the industry, might as well think of all the possibilities how it happens and continues to happen. Your company runs because your workforce is doing an excellent job. They are your company’s primary foundation, not the earnings you get from your consumers or customers. They work hard in order for the company to get an increased profit from time to time. Might as well think of giving them a reward that they deserve.

These are only some of the possible techniques to sustain the compelling performance of your workforce, be it one or two employees, always think of these things – always put yourself in their situations. You could be a better leader than a good boss, but you can’t do run a company without the help of your employees. As they say, “No man is an island”, no one can live without the support and presence of others.


Kath Ramirez is a writer who once dreamed of being a professional travel blogger/vlogger. She thinks that writing is the epitome of stress reliever and she does write best when she wants to express her current mood. Kath is also engaged in exploring different places to stay for vacation or Holidays and a food addict. She is now a writer in HRDept, a company in the United Kingdom who provides human-resource assistance.