How Xamarin became the Best Cross-Platform Development Tool?

A qualified app development company is the one who is ready to adopt new trends, tools and up to date technologies that meet the industry standards. And the development firm should be capable enough to do all stages of development by accurate planning, high research, and strategy. The demand for apps is a growing one and it means this is the right chance for all the small and medium business to get involved in the development of mobile application branding.

Today’s business path is absolutely a careening one and striving in that path is a big challenging one for the business vendors. To satisfy the customers’ requirements, at present the business has a necessity to promote its services and products through online mode. With the internet services brand can be published through mobile apps and websites, which can get a great reach for the small business to stay ahead in a competitive environment.

Mobile phones turned out into an absolute necessity for the present digitally advanced world. A huge part of the day is spending on mobiles by the users rather than the websites. All this information clearly shows the usages of mobile applications are in huge number and it is rising with each passing day.  So to sustain the online presence, best user experience should be offered through different platforms.

App development is a needed thing and in this development process business owners may hit with the crisis. That is, to get a wide reach, the app has to be offered among all the platforms. To deliver through multiple platforms, a selection of developers is a laborious task. This is because if the objective is to develop a native ios app, the owner should find out a well-versed person in the switch or objective c language, but if you want to release the same app in android platform, then JavaScript developers are the needed one. This collection of multiple type developers for a single app is somewhat time-consuming and expensive too.

Henceforth, to tackle this hassle, cross development tools are designed. There are various cross development tools, but today Xamarin is one of the leading tools used for the cross-platform development process. With a simple rule of ‘write once, run everywhere’, this tool give hands for the complex business requirements. These cross-platform tools are absolutely a perfect boon to develop mobile apps for the startups.

Following are some of the reasons that why Xamarin is still the leading tool,

  1. Usage of C#

Appcelerator and PhoneGap are the other competitors in this cross-platform development tools list. But both these tools make use of the JavaScript programming language for their process and Xamarin uses C#. With the use of C# in its operations, it is undoubtedly superior to the other tools because of the effective dynamic variables incorporated. It provides a fulfilled standard for an efficient app development process.

  1. Nativity

Android and iOS platforms differ with their app UPI, user interface and SDK features, which impacts on the app process, behavior and display features. Most of the other cross-platform development tools tend to ignore the platform usage uniqueness, which can lead to the poor user experience for the app. Xamarin develops the app not in that way. It keeps all the unique features of each platform with the required API and other SDK features, which can absolutely give a native feel to the users while using the app.

  1. Cost-effective

By using Xamarin the total cost for the cross-platform development is minimized comparing the usage with other tools. You just need to develop the code in C# and it can be easily optimized for further specific platforms. There will be no hassles by hiring language specific teams for different platforms. Your only need is to hire a skilled C# team, then the rest can be easily done with Xamarin.

  1. Time efficient

Developing codes through platform-specific languages is always a hectic one and it will consume a lot of time. Xamarin encourages rapid development process by deploying the operation by single take writing through C# and can be used in other platforms with the same language. Only minor optimizations are required if needed. Hence it can reduce a huge part of the time in the development process.

  1. Increases the app efficiency

Using Xamarin not only saves time but also increases the efficiency of the app. Hassle situations of facing bugs in the code can be easily tackled. As the errors are reduced in the overall process, developers are able to keep more focus on the objective, which will probably result in a productive app. With a single C# code the mobile apps can be developed with true native nature at a shorter time. Truly, this tool helps to augment the app’s productivity.

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