Samsung launches Massive Galaxy note 9

Samsung Electronics is at it again. The company has repeatedly ‘accidentally’ leaked the Galaxy Note 9 via China, Columbia, the FCC (twice) and ‘lost’ a unit which resulted in the first hands-on review. But now Samsung has gone one step further and put the phone on its website…

Picked up by the eagled-eyed SamMobile, Samsung has listed the Galaxy Note 9 on its support sites in France, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Ever the tease, Samsung’s support pages only list the Galaxy Note 9 by its model number (SM-N960F) but that matters little given we already know every major detail about the phone including its larger display, additional storage and RAM and a massive battery.

The bad news is these increases will make the Galaxy Note 9 heavier and thicker than the Galaxy Note 8, the in-display fingerprint sensor has been postponed until the more exciting Galaxy S10 and the core design has barely changed. The latter is a real disappointment given claims about the technology Samsung has to do better, but at least there’s no notch.

Interestingly, for my money, the most exciting thing about the Galaxy Note 9 isn’t the phone itself but the potentially game-changing way its new S Pen will work. This alone may well be enough for may users to upgrade, especially in combination with a long-overdue big battery upgrade.

Galaxy note 9

Then again, it’s noticeable Samsung has been far less sloppy about Galaxy S10 redesign and wallet-busting folding Galaxy X. Those devices will do more than enough to sell themselves…

Samsung may have accidentally confirmed the Galaxy Note 9 earlier this week, but this pales in comparison to company’s the latest security gaffe…

Popular Russian tech reporter Eldar Murtazin has now got his hands on a Galaxy Note 9 and written his first impressions. Murtazin’s track record is excellent and his time with the phone (almost two months ahead of release) confirms all Samsung’s headline upgrades.

Ultimately what Murtazin experienced is what many feared: battery life aside, this is a relatively incremental upgrade of the Galaxy Note 8 which Samsung will launch early. While this will be enough for some, the real headlines will be generated by Samsung’s 2019 handsets.

Firstly, the 10th anniversary Galaxy S10 is a much bigger upgrade and secondly, Samsung has a potential game changer to follow although its astronomical asking price is likely to prove too much for most buyers.