Signs That You Need To Get the Windows Replaced

While building a home, you thoroughly invest financially and emotionally in designing every nook and corner. Then why don’t you spend even half on maintaining it? Every door, every window tells the health of your overall house. It’s essential to look out for any structural damage in these pictures since they bind your whole home especially if the windows are more than a decade old. Windows can survive 15-20 years; hence it’s not necessary to replace them every year. Although there are the visible signs that call for window replacement, there are other not so visible signs that might be slowly damaging your structure:


A window repair service provider can quickly repair minor damage, but if the windows have become warped or window sash or frame had broke, replacement should be preferred over the repair.


If you have carefully locked the windows in your home to prevent any chilly air from getting inside your home and you notice ice started forming inside your home, you should consider replacing the windows. Ice or frost forming inside the windows can cause mold to grow on the whole frame and cause even further damage.


If you have to apply more than the required strength to open or close your windows, check if the tracks of the windows are together or not. If not, you should get new windows installed. Also, if the windows won’t stay open, instead of DIY, with a piece of wooden block, get them to replace since it raises safety and security concern. Similarly, if your windows won’t lock properly, it would be easier for an intruder or burglar to enter your home, risking your family’s life. It also escapes the air which increases your electricity bill during the summer and winter.


  • Another visible sign that call for window replacement is the leaky windows or damaged frames. If your windows frames are made out of wood, with time and exposure to moisture, they might begin to warp. Moisture damage, if left unsupervised can further aggravate the decay since humidity promotes the growth of mold no matter how little there is. The longer you delay replacing your windows, the higher chance the leaking window will create an even bigger problem.
  • Another common reason for leaky windows is poor installation or a failed sealed unit.

Whichever the case is, you should always prefer replacement over repairing.


Living in an area of heavy road traffic can be nerve-wracking with all the car honks, people shouting, engine ignition voices coming inside the home. Replace your traditional windows with the energy efficient single pane or double pane windows that filter out all the noise, making your home peaceful.

Timely inspection and replacement of windows are necessary to extend the life of your home. If you observe any of the signs mentioned above, do not think of fixing it yourself and instead, immediately call a credible window installation service provider in Cabot, Arkansas or you can also request an estimate by booking online.