Top 5 Most Amazing Websites on the Internet

In today’s time, most people use the internet and the number of internet users is increasing daily. The internet is a unique world in itself, but here you will find millions of websites where every question is answered. If you also use the internet, you do not know how many websites you visit daily, but do you know there are some websites on the internet that are very interesting. Today we will learn about the Internet’s 05+ Most Amazing Websites.

Most Amazing Websites on the Internet:

If you use the Internet then you should know about the website mentioned below, so let’s know about Most Amazing Websites –

  1. Flight Radar 24:

Flight Radar Website is very amazing. This website has all the flights of the sky which are flying in the sky, can live track them that you can read right and you can live track and then you can get information about any flight Such as where the flight is going from, its name, photo etc. If you become a premium user on this website, you will find many additional features like the live 3D view, full flight details etc. You can also see an airport view on this website, which will be a fun experience in itself.

Flight Radar 24

  1. Norse:

There are hundreds of thousands of websites hacked every day in the world, but do you know Norse is a website where you can see hacking happening throughout the world and watch hacking information. This website is one of the most advanced websites on the internet.

  1. The Internet map:

Internet Map is a website where you can view all the Internet websites. This website has all the Internet websites shown in the sphere. The website which is high on the website is shown in a large circle. By clicking on the point you can see the website’s URL and the basic information related to the website. The location of the website shown on the map depends on the linking of another website. For more tech news, tips and tricks and also games check Softogame.

  1. Pointer:

The pointer is one of the Most Amazing Websites of the Internet and is also very fun. After opening this website, you will see a photo showing the finger wherever you place your cursor. Each time you move your cursor into this website, the photo will be displayed by showing the finger of your mouse cursor. You try this website once, it is very fun and amazing.

  1. Internet Live Stats:

This website is also very amazing. In this website, you can see Internet statistics such as the number of live internet users, number of websites, number of emails sent, live statistics related to social media, etc. You can also go to this website and watch the activity on the internet according to the second. You will definitely visit this website once.

Internet Live Stats

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