Top Educational Apps That Can Help You with Your Technical Assignments

Gone are days when you’d be worried about completing assignments and when they didn’t require a lot of technical information. With technology evolving every day, it has helped us in some ways, and it has proved to be very helpful for students. So much so, even teachers can access apps for their use. We can even find eBooks and other electronic materials that prove to be helpful for your educational purpose.

To make it more happening, developers have now introduced apps that can assist you in your technical assignments. Previously, we came across many social and gaming apps, and developers focused more on introducing such apps. Thanks to the usability and frequency of many apps, now we can witness many in different categories.

Also, if the right feedback is given to developers; they can come up with an app that suits your need. For example, if you need apps that assist you in your technical assignments and you provide positive AirG Reviews; you are spreading word of mouth and at the same time you’ll be helping developers better assess the consumers’ needs. If you are looking for help in your technical assignments, here are some top educational apps to consider:

  1. Lynda

This app was designed to help students with technical and complex topics. It provides a platform to students with all the best facilities and learning resources. It has an intense database that works similar to job-related ethics and rapid technology. It can help and teach you some things such as coding, website designing, and creation, office skills, etc. The app comes for about 240$ a year, but the deal seems quite fair enough considering what the app has to offer.


  1. Photomath

Math equations seem to be very technical, and many students face difficulties in doing their assignments. Students who need help can download this app and explore different features of the app that help them with their assignments. The app uses your phone’s camera to read the equation- like a barcode and then comes up with a solution. The great thing about this app is that it teaches you to step and step and explains the equation or a solution in a detailed manner. It is an ideal app for complex or technical assignments, and you can find it in a basic or a pro mode depending on the kind of assistance you would need.

  1. Udemy

This is a great app that can’t be missed by students. It is already popular with many students across the globe because it is packed with many courses. It helps you to acquire many skills related to a specific topic. The learning material comes in the form of video lectures too, making it very for easy to understand technical questions and their solutions. It would be a rarity if you weren’t helped with your assignment by this app.

  1. The Great Courses

If you feel the need that you need some extra coaching for your assignments and tests, this app would do great for you. The app offers lectures from experts, and you can help yourself in subjects such as business, math, history, literature, etc. You can handle the complexity of the task by choosing the desired course and a specific top from a list. The app is paid, but it offers a free trial.

The Great Courses

  1. Ready4 SAT

If you are facing difficulties in mathematics and complex calculations, Ready$ SAT app train you like a pro to handle such tasks. It drills you into answering such technical questions in a mobile-friendly way. So, whenever you have your phone, the app would come up with a question and then provide the solution for you. In this way, you enhance your mathematics and calculations too. It also tries to match your potential SAT score with users around the world so it can make you more motivated.

  1. Quizlet

Another innovative way through which you can get help in technical assignments is with the use of flashcards. Often, you have to memorize or learn long chunks of passages that involve equations, numbers and other information. Quizlet will make things easier for you. It will let you memorize through flashcards with each one of them separated on their complexity. It comes with a range of audio, video, text and even foreign language support.


  1. Cite This For Me

Citations and referencing can be an easy task for one but a very complex task for others. Assignments that strictly demand one type of referencing require the student to be accurate and consistent with all the references. If you are not good in citations, ‘Cite This For Me’ will make it all easier for you. It uses your phone’s camera to scan a book’s barcode and then creates a citation. It can provide you with many referencing types, and you can choose the style you want which can be Chicago, MLA, Harvard, etc.

  1. EdX

Similar to many other apps, EdX also comes with many courses in its app. The courses are taught by professionals. Not only them but you can also experience much more by interacting with programs from real colleges. The app will allow you to improve your skills and the wide range of topics and tutorials will help you with your complex and difficult assignments.


  1. Udacity

Udacity is one of the most extensive apps that can help you with your homework. It is similar to Lynda but uses a slightly different approach. While Lynda focuses more on work ethics and technology related queries; Udacity is more about in-depth technical aspects such as computer studies and computer programming. Other skills such as AI basics and machine programming etc. are very popular among students who use Udacity. If you want to take it further than just your homework, you can even get a nanodegree that validates your involvement in a particular course.

So, if you’re facing difficulties in any of your technical assignments, make sure to download these apps and make your life a lot easier.