When LASIK Enhancement is much needed?

When vision changes significantly overtime or initial outcome of the vision correction surgery is unsatisfactory, a follow-up procedure to LASIK is performed commonly known as LASIK enhancement. The outcome, however from the initial procedure in most cases is excellent whereas ongoing improvements to the LASIK technology made retreatments limited for the enhancement of visual acuity.

That being said, a study performed in 2016 concluded that the rate of retreatments purged from 4.5 percent to even below 0.2 percent in 2012. Still, only a professional eye doctor would determine if someone’s in need of LASIK or follow-up. It must be noted that achieving 20/20 crystal clear vision doesn’t always happen since each case that reports come with a combination of different anomalies affecting the vision.

Additional LASIK in Dubai can be a must for certain patients but not all cases. It gives a sharper vision thus the result you wanted.

Post LASIK – Evaluating visual contentment

Many different factors contribute to the outcome of LASIK and patient’s satisfaction;

  • Overall corneal health and characteristics
  • Vision anomalies such as near-sightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism
  • The strength of the eyeglass prescription and level/severity of the refractive error
  • Possible risk of dry-eyes post LASIK
  • Age and expectations

Though most of the candidates who’ve had their LASIK are satisfied with their vision without wearing eyeglasses or contacts, everyone’s experience is different. Some may notice no difference in their vision even after the surgery which calls for a follow-up procedure known as LASIK Enhancement.

LASIK Enhancement – When it becomes necessary?

If someone’s vision isn’t entirely clear immediately post-LASIK surgery, no need to panic because clearer vision returns most probably within a day. Do note that vision may fluctuate for several weeks following the initial procedure which isn’t something to worry about! Your eye doctor would surely monitor the vision as part of the follow-up procedure which will last for several weeks to months.

Eye specialist in Dubai.

In rare cases, you may feel uncomfortable while driving or when performing tasks that require visual focus post-LASIK. Remember to convey the details to the doctor for it’s necessary he may prescribe either new eyeglasses or perhaps enhancement procedure.

To determine a patient’s suitability for enhancement, the eye doctor would recheck the corneal thickness for a second surgery. If the refractive error’s too little post initial LASK, you aren’t a good candidate which means constant wearing of eyeglasses might be the only solution to sharpen the vision which will definitely happen but over time.

Choose eyeglass lenses with anti-reflective coating for maximum comfort and clarity which eliminates the distortions and reflections while caters to sharper vision even in low-light conditions. Most find progressive lenses far more comfortable since these are line-free multifocal to provide clearer vision at all distances.

LASIK vs. Enhancement

Enhancement surgery is almost identical to the initial LASIK in Dubai except for the use of microkeratome or laser for creating a corneal flap, special tools are used by the surgeon to lift the flap that was created during the primary procedure. Once lifted, the excimer laser is beamed to reshape the cornea.


Once done with the LASIK Enhancement, follow post-operative instructions to facilitate healthy vision and reduces the risk of eye infections.

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