You Need To Know 20 Travel Guidelines Before Visiting Italy

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries to visit in Europe, nay, the world! My love for this country goes almost as deep as my love of chocolate-flavoured-anything, which I’m feel no remorse about and no reason to apologise for!

Some favourite, off the top of my head, are the stunning Tuscan towns, the gorgeous Cinque Terre and the charming canals of Venice to name but a few yet beyond the awareness and excitement of wanting to see it’s famous cities, there’s so much to consider and see when planning a trip, which made me want to share my very own tips worth knowing before you galavant off to Italy!

1.) You’ll get lost

And no, getting lost in Italy (especially when you’re driving through treacherous mountaintops like in Cinque Terre) is not always as fun as you’d think! Even if you quite fancy the idea of getting lost in Italy, its always worth downloading an offline map on your smartphone (or use Google Maps offline feature). It’ll save you lots of time when trying to navigate the twisty turny streets of Venice, Firenze and pretty much any Tuscan village you visit.

2.) Italy is more than just the mainland

There’s so much to explore within ‘the boot’ that is Italy (this is what Italy looked like to me like as a child and it’s kinda stuck now) but don’t forget about the many small (and big) islands that you can discover too! Head to Sicily, Sardinia, Elba, and Levanzo to name but a few of the many Mediterranean islands waiting to be discovered.

3.) Gelato is too delicious to ignore

The ice-cream in Italy is the best in the world! (Bold claim but true!) I’ve yet to find a place (or country) that makes it better. There is gelato available on most streets and it’s relatively cheap and a delicious treat that’ll perk you up after a hearty lunch!


4.) Drink for Free

Cities like Rome, Florence and Venice all have perfectly safe, clean and free drinking water in town squares. Take a reusable bottle, or fill up your store-bought bottle, don’t tell the water brands) and save yourself lots of $$$.

5.) Dinner isn’t rushed

In Italy, even more so in the south, dinner is never rushed – it’s a relaxed affair to enjoy with family and friends. Fall into the culture and take it into your stride.

6.) Card Payment is okay

Card payments are accepted almost everywhere. Just keep a few coins and small notes in case you want small items – some stores have minimum spends.

7.) Italy’s got some impressive beaches!

There’s more to Italy than the cityscapes of Florence, Milan, and Venice! Don’t forget to check out one of the thousands of beautiful beaches that line its impressive coastline. Head to places like Terracina for some beautiful white sand beaches.

impressive beachesimpressive beaches

8.) Trains are great!

If you want to travel between cities, try taking the train! Italy has an impressive high speed railway between the likes of Rome-Florence-Venice (to mention but a few).

9.) Validate train/bus tickets

Talking of trains, don’t forget to stamp your ticket in the little machines onboard buses and trains when you travel. You will get fined if the inspectors catch you… even if you didn’t know or weren’t told. A ticket validating machine is on all public trains, buses and (usually) at the start of the platform.

10.) The north and south are very different

The north and south of Italy are almost like different countries! The north is an ‘industrialised’, continental European region, whilst the south has a much more laid-back Mediterranean feel – both are great and very different!

11.) There are volcanoes in Italy

Yup, there are some pretty epic (and still active) volcanoes in Italy to explore. You can even hike the top of them too, just like Mt. Etna on Sicily!

12.) Pompeii

Talking about volcanoes – do you know about Pompeii? The ruined city which was destroyed by a volcanic eruption many years ago? You can visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site and discover one of the most famous Volcanic eruptions in history (after the Iceland ash-cloud of 2010 of course).


13.) Learn some basic Italian

No one expects you to be fluent when visiting Italy – though it is a major plus if you are! Remember a few sayings and phrases that’ll help you get by. A few words in the mother tongue is bound to put a smile on any face!

14.) Cover up in religious sites

Many sites ask ladies to cover their shoulders and legs when entering some of the churches. Take this into account when visiting religious sites, especially in the Vatican (technically, not Italy, I know, but still…)

15.) Truffle Hunt

Truffles are big business in Italy, they are prized ingredients in many Italian dishes and often found in certain areas of the country. If you’re heading out truffle hunting (learn more on truffle hunting here), make sure to get it straight to the market, they can fetch thousands of pounds (price is size-dependent, of course).

16.) Cinque Terre are the 5 towns you must see

It’s in the name really.. roughly translated to 5 regions/terrains – it is one of Italy’s most beautiful regions. Don’t forget to check it out if you’re nearby.

N.B.: Take the train between the towns… trust me on this! IT takes mere minutes by train or an hour or so by car!

17.) Make wine your tipple of choice!

Wine is inexpensive in Italy and very good quality! Take advantage of low prices and enjoy one of its joyous exports! Good wines can start as low as €3 a bottle!

18.) Summer and winter can be quite extreme here

Summer in Italy can be very hot with bracingly cold winters, – especially in the north. Seems obvious, but there is quite an extreme in Italian temperatures (unlike places like the UK) depending on the date you plan to visit so it’s worth arriving adequately prepared.

19.) Tuscany is the best place for steak

Grab yourself a MASSIVE Steak Florentine in Tuscany and enjoy one of the best steaks in all the world. It will set you back a little more than an average meal though it’s so worth it. The sizes are quite ginormous so I’d suggest you share one… unless you’ve got an appetite of a lion.


20.) A gondola can be costly

Hiring a Gondola for 30 minutes will set you back a pretty penny in Venice – there are standard rates though its worth noting that you can get it a lot cheaper if you haggle with the gondoliers. A gondola should be priced for the boat and not how many people board. You can usually sit up to 6 people in one – not as romantic maybe but just as fun!